Pocket Prayer Mat Janamaz

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Pocket Prayer Mat Janamaz

This pocket prayer mat janamaz brings convenience, portability, accessibility. Wherever you are, your mat awaits! Large, full-size prayer mat. Size: 100 cm x 60cm Folds down to Size: 10 cm x 13 cm

Take this ultra-portable pocket prayer mat janamaz with you wherever you go. Slips easily into a bag, briefcase, handbag or even a large pocket. So easy to store; keep it in your desk at work. Carry it with you as part of your daily routine – It’s lighter than a mobile phone! A great gift idea for a Muslim brother or sister. Made from lightweight, but strong polyester. Folds easily and flat into its own buttoned/zipped pouch.

This pocket prayer mat janamaz comes with Compass embedded into the pouch. Made from durable hard plastic. The lightweight mat has weighted steel corners to stop the mat from scrunching up whilst praying

How to use the Qibla Compass:
Please ensure that moving part rotates on its axis freely. Then place on the floor away from any metallic objects and wait for it to settle. Then slowly turn until the red arrow points to the desired no. of your town as detailed in the secondary images for this product, online. Once the arrow settles on the number, the printed minaret points to the qibla, inshallah.

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